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Goals and Ideals

To train and produce committed resourceful and responsible teachers to strive for excellence in all walks of life.

To create intelligent citizens, useful to the society, by developing the multidimensional sides of their personality...


Secondary teacher education programme is imparted at the undergraduate level,here.The education course that we offer is the Bachelor of education(B.Ed)


From Principal's Desk

My dear staff and students,

Standing on the threshold of a new academic year. I am privileged to look forward hopefully, keeping in view, the possible input from the staff and students combining in multifaceted activities in this campus of three acres.

In 1962, our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru addressed the students of Delhi University in the manner I quote. “We have to build India in to a mighty nation, not mighty in the sense of creating a powerful army, but mighty in thought, mighty in culture, mighty in action and mighty in its service to humanity”.

During this academic year of 2006-2007, let us ask ourselves the question, what we can do towards developing our country in to a ‘mighty nation’? In this age of ICT(Information and Communication Technology) this question becomes doubly significant, because the emotional distance between man and man is ever on the increase. Let us pursue our efforts in such a way that, it may enable us to discover the image of God in man. ” Our attitude towards life determines, life’s attitude towards” (Maxwell)

Dr.Grace Annie Mathews

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