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The Jameela Beevi Memorial centre for Teacher Education strives to work hard for total quality improvement by producing...

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All aspirants for admission should submit application in the prescribed format as per notification of the college...




Human Resources

We are having
• Well qualified Principal
• Well qualified Lecturers
• One Physical Education Lecturer

Instuructional Facilities
• We have well equipped science laboratory
• Well equipped Psychology lab
• Facilities for games and sports
• Well equipped Social Science lab
Alumni association
J.B.M- extension unit
• Well equipped Physical Education room
• Endownment and awards
• Well equipped Technology and computer laboratory

Parent/Guardian Teacher Association
Scholarships and Endowments

Our institution is positioned within 16522 m2. The title of the land is on ownership basis and is on lease as per law. The land use is obtained for educational institution.


Construction of the building is completed and is fire-safety-proof. The building is disabled friendly.There are common rooms for boys/girls.The building was completed on 31-3-2007. 1587.13m2 is the area covered. There are 8 class rooms. In addition, all facilities as per NCTE norms are available.

A well-to-do library that satisfies the reading requirements of the students and the spacious reading room of our institution deserve special mention. All the books prescribed by the current B.Ed curriculum are available in our library.

Alumni association
An Alumni association will be formally inaugurated in the college towards the end of this academic year. It will provide opportunities for the old students and former staff to keep in contact with the institution in which they have studied and worked. The members can render valuable service to the institution as resource persons and in conducting various curricular and extra curricular programmes. The Alumni Association can publish magazines and conduct literary competitions for the school and college students.

Parent/Guardian Teacher Association
As the duration of the course is one year we form a parent teacher association every year. The association includes all faculty members and parents/guardian of all students. Its supports the various developmental programmes of the college. An executive committee will be selected from the members of PTA to look after the welfare of students.

J.B.M Extension unit
J.B.M Extension unit is a service centre to organize various programmes for community development. S.U.P.W, programmes such as interior decorations, garment making, file making, writing board making, soap and candle making, tailoring, fabric and glass painting etc. are done through J.B.M Extension unit.

Scholarships and Endowments

The following endowments are introduced to facilitate the learners.
The endowments are donated by the Management in memory of under mentioned highly reputed persons. These Endowments are instituted for the top scorers of the University Examination in various subjects.

• Kunji Shaik Kunju Endowment for the 1st Rank Holder of the college.
• Mohammed Ali endowment in English
• Al-Haj P.K.Kunju Sahib Endowment in Physical science
• Haji Jameela Beevi P.K Kunju endowment in Natural Science.
• Maulana Abdul Khalam Azad Endowment in Mathematics.
• Thangal Kunju Musaliar Endowment in Commerce.
• Sir.Sayyid Ahamed Khan Endowment in Social Science

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